Welcome To My Irish Travel Blog!

Irish Travel -Dun Aengus aerial view

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Irish Rambles, my Irish travel Blog!

I am an artist living on the West Coast of Ireland along the Wild Atlantic Way. I make ceramic sculptures and have a deep love of ancient history.

The reason I made this blog is to share information about the culture and history of Ireland with people who would like to forge a deeper connection with the land and its people.

I will be exploring all starts of Irish culture and where to find it. Some of the Irish travel sites I will be covering are Megalithic, such as Holy Wells, Portal Tombs, Sheela Na Gigs, Ogham stones, and many others. There are many hidden gems off the beaten track that I will tell you about and how to get to.

I will also write about locations of literary interest such as Coole park, and writers’ haunts. In short everything of cultural significance warrants a day out and a deeper investigation by a visitor.

I would very much like to hear input from people who have visited some of these locations or questions from people who would like to visit a site. Ideas for new sites to cover and any suggestions to improve the site are welcome.

Drop me an email or comment on one of the blogs and I will get back to you.

I look forward to sharing this beautiful island with you!

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